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12 21 2009
Matt Von Roderick to perform at upcoming influential music industry bash -- come see him perform!
12 04 2009
Jaggo artist The Middle Fingers in the studio!
11 08 2009
Upcoming shows: Matt Von Roderick
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07 04 2001
Los Angeles Based Label’s First Release Self-Titled Debut OUTERSTAR

Jaggo Records, headed by recording artists Nat Schellin and Chris Martin, has signed a distribution deal with EMI Music Distribution.  The first release on the label is the self-titled debut from OUTERSTAR, the band moniker under which Schellin and Martin record.  On the release, which is due Nov. 6, OUTERSTAR combine the basic foundation of pop/rock music with traditionally non-rock instruments and electronics for a blend of modern and organic sounds.

The philosophy behind Jaggo Records is summed-up by Schellin: “We’re not the fast-food chain of record labels.  We make one album at a time and every album we release is a priority to us.”  He adds, “We believe that an artist should be developed and given the label’s full focus and attention.  It’s just not possible when you’re releasing 30 albums or more a year.  In fact, we’ve found that those labels that do can only dedicate the resources to make a few of those releases a priority, and those are the artists that succeed – that is, if the label actually stays behind that artist.”

For years, Jaggo Records has been building itself into a self-contained entity.  The label houses its own state-of-the-art recording facilities built around a combination of analog and digital gear.  “Having our own in-house facilities really allows us to cut costs,“ says Martin.  “It also allows our artists to record at a more relaxed, comfortable pace that is more artistically inspiring.”  The label’s staff consists of both in-house and outsourced personnel.  “We took the time to find the right people.  For radio promotion, we rely heavily on a network of indie promoters,” says Martin.  “As for sales, we plan to coordinate the efforts of an in-house team with EMI’s field staff.  A key objective is keeping retailers constantly informed of developments at radio, touring, press, etc.”

For the coming year, Jaggo Records plans to put its resources behind developing and marketing it’s first release, OUTERSTAR.  “If we come across an artist that we feel has real potential, we’ll consider signing that artist,” says Schellin.  “Once we get OUTERSTAR to a certain point, we’ll be ready to start seeking-out other artists.”

For Schellin and Martin, learning the business side of music was a necessity.  “Music is our liife, and in order for us to feel like our music vision is uncompromised on all levels, we feel it’s our responsibility to our music to have control over the business side of things as well,” says Schellin.  “That’s why Jaggo Records came to be and since we’ve already taken the time out of our lives to build the kind of label we want to be signed with, we’re going to make life easier for other artists and offer them the same. We’re very fortunate.”
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