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12 21 2009
Matt Von Roderick to perform at upcoming influential music industry bash -- come see him perform!
12 04 2009
Jaggo artist The Middle Fingers in the studio!
11 08 2009
Upcoming shows: Matt Von Roderick
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06 01 2007

Downbeat Magazine's June issue focused on 25 trumpet players -- "25 For The Future: A New Generation of Trumpeters Pave the Way for Jazz's Next Innovations."  Jaggo Records artist and trumpet virtuoso Matt Shulman was among them!


"Describing his music as 'Miles Davis meets Radiohead,' Matt Shulman, 32 is a New Yorker who uses a multiphonic technique in which he sings through his trumpet while going through electronics that enhance the overtones.  This allows him to assume the role of a chordal instrument -- playing harmony, counterpoint and accompaniment.  'I want to expand the trumpet's role and be a complete artist.  I see an orchestra in the trumpet.  There's still stuff to be done.'

"At the root of his technical explorations is an interest in finding greater emotional resonance in the music and a connection with the audience.  This also led him to become a vocalist with a style that draws equal inspiration from Chet Baker and Thom Yorke.  He has recorded with Kenny Werner and his solo debut will be released on Jaggo/Universal this summer.  Gearheads will also know him as the inventor of the Shulman System embouchure device."   - David French (Downbeat, June 2007)

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