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12 21 2009
Matt Von Roderick to perform at upcoming influential music industry bash -- come see him perform!
12 04 2009
Jaggo artist The Middle Fingers in the studio!
11 08 2009
Upcoming shows: Matt Von Roderick
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03 28 2006

Jaggo Records has formed a partnership with Broadcast Impressions Group (B.I.G.), formerly known as Movie Tunes, to seek out new avenues of mass-exposure and offer labels alternative channels for music distribution through retailers such as Shell Oil and Radio Shack.

"Music distribution through non-traditional retailers is exploding," says Jaggo's Co-CEO Nathaniel Schellin.  "The success of retailers like Starbucks and Victoria's Secret in selling music to consumers is just the beginning.  Music lovers enjoy the convenience of discovering and purchasing music wherever they go, and we're excited to be working with B.I.G. to give them just that!"

B.I.G. is well known for its Movie Tunes program, heard by over one billion listeners in over 15,000 movie theatres.  The company has expanded its services to offer digitally transmitted audio and video music programming for retailers everywhere (called Retail Networks), music videos in hundreds of colleges and universities across the U.S. (Varsity Network), as well as point-of-purchase music sales.

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