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02 01 2019
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07 02 2018
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Learn more about Hostility at RNB Entertainment Group/The Pen.

HOSTILITY is all about brutal, honest, in your face metal, and has been spreading adrenalin-rushing aggression in audiences since their inception in 1996.

"We have constantly pushed ourselves to be better.  Metal is a part of who we are -- we live it, breathe it, sleep it.  It's like therapy," says HOSTILITY's singer Greg Haran.  "We really live this sh*t 24-7," continues guitarist Tony Vorrises.  "It's a way of life for us."

It definitely is.  The band has notched hundreds of blistering performances across the U.S. with acts such as Slipknot, Chimaira, Machine Head, and others.  Click on the Tour Schedule button below for dates and venues.

HOSTILITY consists of Haran (vocals); Vorrises (guitar); Brandon Sigmund (bass); and Andrew Holzbaur (drums).  Influences include metal titans Pantera, Sepultura and Machine Head and others, as well as death metal legends Cannibal Corpse, etc.

HOSTILITY has been called "Heirs to the U.S. thrash throne" by Metal Hammer magazine, and "On a one to ten scale, a definite ten" by Pit magazine.  This band is the real deal...

Formed in 1998 while still in high school, the members of HOSTILITY have remained constant as well as their unique musical vision.  As Haran explains, "Uncompromised was the obvious choice for the name of our first album.  Our goal has never changed, our commitment has never wavered.  We've always been the band we wanted to be."

The first album cut from Uncompromised is "Without a Chance," which according to Haran, "...is about learning to play the hand you're dealt, overcoming your own perceived downfall, and not succumbing to other people's labels or attempts to categorize you."

And "Common Ground", says Vorrises, "is our 'F**k Everybody' song.  It's about living life without boundaries.  It's about nonconformity.  Stick to your guns and go for whatever it is that you want."

HOSTILITY's relentless music and commitment clearly establishes them as a band on the rise.  "We have a 'take no prisoners' attitude," explains Vorrises.  "We're all about our music, our shows and raging with our fans."

HOSTILITY's debut full-length album, Uncompromised, was mixed by the world-renowned Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Sepultura, Machine Head, Trivium, etc.).  According to Vorrises, "We always dreamed of working with Colin Richardson.  His years of experience helped us achieve the sound we envisioned.  The album sounds like a f**king battering ram!" 

And the press agree!  Just a few of their many raving reviews say...

"Heirs to the thrash metal throne..." -- Metal Hammer Magazine

"The future of heavy metal right before your eyes… HOSTILITY’s sound simply blows away literally any other metal act I have seen live in the past years... These guys are so good that honestly, I don’t know what more to say."  Rocket – Metal Underground

"Uncompromised is state of the art American metal aggression; no question about it… Bands cannot fake this kind of remorseless aggression… Uncompromised is the definition of heavy and the height of aggression."  Scott Alisoglu – Blabbermouth

"This band from Novato, CA comes out with all guns blazing, ferociously cranking out the best metal I’ve heard in some time on their debut release Uncompromised… Their musical vision ensures them a place among the best in metal bands."  Paul Hanson – The Daily Vault

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