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02 01 2019
Jaggo Records and Brass Ring Group form new partnership!
07 02 2018
06 01 2017
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Liz Kennedy

 Learn more about Liz Kennedy at RNB Entertainment Group

Liz Kennedy is a San Francisco-based singer-songwriter with a warm, intimate sound that ranges from pop to folk, and stepping into gospel to jazz territories.  Her voice wraps itself around you with a rare maturity, evoking comparisons to hit artists such as Norah Jones and Bonnie Raitt.  Her latest album, Clean White Shirt speaks of honesty, love and life, and its excellent songwriting is complimented by masterful instrumental performances.

Liz grew up with a wide range of influences, something reflected in her music.  "I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra on my parents' hi-fi.  It was shaped like a big block of ice that split in the middle, made of maple with big plastic knobs.  It played every record size.  My brother and I were also treated to a constant stream of Louis Prima, Ella, Count Basie, the songs of Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin -- all the greats.  Some 'not so greats', too.  My parents were not completely selective.  There are some songs from the Ray Connif Singers I still can't get out of my head -- something about buttons and bows.  All this music sometimes had a dreaded effect, my parents gazing into each other's eyes and, (groan), dancing in the kitchen.  Always a sight as my mother was a good foot shorter than my father."

"There was the car radio, too, in the early days when it was still controlled by my parents.  I have loud memories of my father clicking beats with his ring on the steering wheel to Ray Charles or Rosemary Clooney.  I was also whisked off to musicals regularly and thankfully.  I loved them and know them well.  I'd be great to be stuck with on a desert island.  Great if you like musicals."

"When I was twelve it was the Fantasticks and on its heels a brief love affair with the major seventh chord.  It was then I set about writing my own songs, even my own musical (loaded with major sevenths!).  The pool of inspiration grew as I did."

"There was always great folk music thanks to my brother.  He bought "Freewheelin" Bob Dylan the year it came out.  Later came the Beatles, Carol King, Randy Newman, Paul Simon, Steve Winwood, Stephen Stills, and Bonnie Raitt, to name a few."

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