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Billy Griffin
Rudy Ray Moore
Matt Von Roderick (a.k.a. Matt Shulman)
Evelyn "Champagne" King


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Hostility -- Uncompromised
Buy the new CD from Hostility -- "Uncompromised"!
"The Dance" (Soul Seekerz Album Mix)
Download Evelyn "Champagne" King's new dance club hit, "The Dance" remixed by Soul Seekerz (Rhianna, Basement Jaxx, Gym Class Heroes)!
Matt Shulman -- "So It Goes"
Buy the critically acclaimed album from Matt Shulman -- "So It Goes" -- in digital download format (individual tracks too)!
Outerstar - "Outerstar"
Download Outerstar's acclaimed debut album, featuring the hit single "You Love It When It Rains." Album and individual track downloads available!
The Best of Rudy Ray Moore & Friends
Comedian and ?blaxploitation? film actor Rudy Ray Moore?s (a.k.a. ?Dolemite?) is one of the most influential and controversial comedians of our time!
Evelyn C. King - "Open Book"
Download the latest album from Grammy-winning R&B/Dance diva Evelyn "Champagne" King, featuring the hit singles "The Dance (Soul Seekerz remix)" and "Open Book"!
Billy Griffin -- Like Water
Buy the new CD from Billy Griffin -- "Like Water"!
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