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02 01 2019
Jaggo Records and Brass Ring Group form new partnership!
07 02 2018
06 01 2017
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02 01 2019
Jaggo Records and Brass Ring Group form new partnership!
07 02 2018
06 01 2017
12 21 2009
Matt Von Roderick to perform at upcoming influential music industry bash -- come see him perform!
12 04 2009
Jaggo artist The Middle Fingers in the studio!
11 08 2009
Upcoming shows: Matt Von Roderick
09 02 2009
Matt Von Roderick to perform live at LA's Dakota Live Music Lounge (formerly Temple Bar) Tuesday October 6, 2009 at 8:00pm!
08 26 2009
Matt Von Roderick selected to showcase at 2009's annual CMJ convention in New York City, October 20-24... venue and time to be announced!
02 27 2009
Matt Von Roderick wins Finalist status in International Songwriter Competition for track "Coexistence"!
01 17 2009
Matt Von Roderick set to give live preview of much buzzed-about new album at NUBLU in Manhattan's East Village, Friday January 23, 2009!
08 19 2008
The new album from Evelyn 'Champagne' King, "Open Book", hits stores today!!
07 25 2008
Evelyn "Champagne" King to perform on The Today Show Weekend Edition, Saturday August 2nd (9:00 am), as the single, "The Dance" continues its climb on the Billboard dance chart -- now hitting #12!
06 11 2008
AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD -- Evelyn "Champagne" King's dance club hit, "The Dance", remixed by famed U.K. team Soul Seekerz!! Click the "STORE" tab in the menu above...
05 15 2008
Matt Von Roderick to begin summer residency at NYC's 'National Underground'
05 06 2008
Evelyn "Champagne" King -- upcoming performance dates, Jet Magazine feature
04 10 2008
Upcoming Norman Connors album completed...
04 03 2008
Jaggo Records announces new distribution through Universal, strategic partnership with Thump.
01 20 2008
Matt Von Roderick (a.k.a. Matt Shulman) heads into the studio for second album.
10 13 2007
Great Matt Shulman review in the November issue of Downbeat!
10 01 2007
Matt Shulman performing at The Knitting Factory NYC -- October 16th, 9:00PM!
09 20 2007
Evelyn "Champagne" King to be a featured panelist at the annual Billboard Dance Music Summit -- Oct. 9, Las Vegas.
08 31 2007
Upcoming releases: Al Green gospel reissues, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Bobby Womack 4-CD box set...
07 16 2007
Big Matt Shulman Update! Music Video! Radio Interviews! CD Release Party!
06 27 2007
New music available for purchase! See the Store section of the website to purchase the single SO IT GOES from Matt Shulman and GET IN THE GAME from The Rising Sound!!
06 25 2007
Threes & Nines to be main opening act for Violent Femmes! Ventura Theatre, July 29, 2007...
06 01 2007
Matt Shulman featured in the June issue of Downbeat magazine as one of only 25 trumpet players taking jazz into the future!
02 21 2007
Threes & Nines' track "Fireworks" to be featured in an upcoming episode of the ABC TV show, "What About Brian"!
01 09 2007
Matt Shulman to play New York's Jazz Standard, Sunday Jaunary 14, 2007! Live video to be shot at the club...
10 31 2006
Jaggo Records launches its new website!
10 13 2006
Jaggo Records signs partnership deal with RNB Entertainment Group/The Pen, secures new distribution through Universal/Fontana...
09 12 2006
'UNCOMPROMISED', the debut album from RNB/The Pen metal act, Hostility, drops today!
08 29 2006
RNB artist, Billy Griffin, releases his new album, 'Like Water' today!
07 31 2006
'SO IT GOES', the new CD from virtuoso Jazz trumpeter Matt Shulman, is now completed!
03 28 2006
Jaggo Records forms partnership with Broadcast Impressions Group (formerly Movie Tunes) to seek out new avenues of mass-exposure and non-traditional music distribution channels!
12 15 2005
Matt Shulman signs multiple-album deal with Jaggo Records!
06 01 2005
Jaggo Records signs J.J., a multi-talented singer-songwriter.
07 20 2004
ARTIST UPDATE!! Yes, we've been busy!
04 12 2004
Jaggo Records announces the creation of new divisions for the release of a diverse array of talent...
07 16 2003
Jaggo Records begins aggressive campaign to attract new artists and artists exiting relationships with other labels.
05 02 2003
Jaggo Records attracts and expands its executive team to include seasoned industry professionals with over 100 years of collective experience...
03 03 2003
Jaggo Records forms a joint-venture with Zebra Records/WEA.
01 15 2003
With its new studio facilities built-out, and after months of fine-tuning the studio for perfect sound, Jaggo puts its search for new artists to develop into high gear.
09 20 2002
Jaggo Records completes build-out of its new state-of-the-art studio facilities.
07 15 2002
Jaggo Records successfully completes first-of-its-kind market test of the Outerstar album.
06 07 2002
Jaggo Records forms a joint-venture with internationally renown producer, Ed Buller.
05 15 2002
Outerstar receives more critical acclaim: "Great songs, classic sound from Outerstar."
02 26 2002
Tower Records adds Outerstar's album to its listening stations, naming it among the "200 albums that mattered in 2001"!
02 25 2002
Jaggo Records releases second Outerstar single as the first single continues to climb the radio charts!
01 11 2002
More great Outerstar reviews! The Daily Page & Isthmus Weekly review the album.
01 10 2002
MusicMatch reviews the Outerstar album: "A new CD by a band called Outerstar restores our editor's faith in humanity, or at least his faith in indie music."
11 16 2001
Jaggo Records scores Radio Hit with Outerstar's first Single!
11 06 2001
Jaggo Recording Artist "Outerstar" Releases Debut Album!
09 26 2001
Jaggo Records launches national marketing campaign for Outerstar.
08 31 2001
Album Network reviews Outerstar debut.
07 04 2001
Jaggo Records/SFO signs with EMI Music Distribution.
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