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02 01 2019
Jaggo Records and Brass Ring Group form new partnership!
07 02 2018
06 01 2017
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our philosophy

Jaggo Records is a diverse music entertainment company. 

As a record label with major distribution, we combine a focus on true artist development with an innovative market testing methodology and "viral distribution" technology, allowing us to ensure the greatest success for our music. 

Also as a company, we have the studio facilities to produce music in-house, as well as the capability of exposing our music -- and the music of other labels -- to consumers everywhere. 

Our commitment to building artists’ long-term careers, our innovation, industry experience, and our passion for music is attracting top-notch artists to the rosters of our label divisions.  Our innovation makes us a solution to the needs of artists, music consumers and the music industry as a whole.


Unlike most big labels, we do not rely on quick "hits" and short-term successes.  We believe that great music is made like great wine... the greatest successes in music have come from artists who were given the time to grow.  If the artist is going to commit to the label, then the label should commit to the artist!  It's time to take the business out of the music, and put the music back into the business.


Here’s a little more about us:


Experience – Our team has a proven track record -- 120 years of collective experience in the industry -- and has been instrumental in the success of numerous superstar artists.  Together, we combine Senior Executive experience from Major labels, the musical vision of recording artists, and an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.


Artist Development – Music is the soul of our company, and our artists are the heart.  We focus on true artist development.  Our low overhead and efficiency, in-house production facilities, and unique recording deals give our artists the time and resources needed to make great music and grow their careers.  Unlike most labels, we recognize that an artist’s first album may be a stepping-stone to greater and greater success.  We do not "throw music at the wall" of big-market radio stations, and if it doesn't "stick", drop the artist.  We use a unique "market-test" approach to build the buzz around an artist, to identify their fanbase, and to undeniably prove that people want to hear them.  All along the way, we're building a lasting career for the artist.


Studio Facilities – We have state-of-the-art studio facilities in a private, secluded location in the Hollywood Hills.  Our facilities consist of two separate studios for music and video production featuring both cutting-edge digital technology and top-notch analog gear.  Unlike other labels that “recoup” recording and production costs, we do not charge our artists for the use of our facilities or our production staff.   


Multiple Label Divisions, Major-label Distribution – We have divisions for multiple genres, distributed through Universal:


  • Jaggo Records -- Pop-Rock;
  • Jaggo Jazz -- Jazz;
  • RNB Entertainment Group -- R&B, Pop, reissues & compilations;
  • The Pen -- Rap/Hip-Hop, Metal;
  • World Faith Records -- faith-based and world music;
  • Save World Records -- a unique non-profit division specializing in compilations featuring both major artists and our own artists.  Profits go to an international children’s charity. 

Technology – We will soon be revealing a revolutionary new “viral distribution” technology we have designed which takes advantage of “Napster-like” file sharing networks by giving Internet consumers an incentive to buy legitimate digital downloads.  It also stimulates “real-world” music sales and helps us more efficiently market our music to consumers.


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