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Billy Griffin
Rudy Ray Moore
Matt Von Roderick (a.k.a. Matt Shulman)
Evelyn "Champagne" King


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Billy Griffin -- Like Water
Buy the new CD from Billy Griffin -- "Like Water"!
Hostility -- Uncompromised
Buy the new CD from Hostility -- "Uncompromised"!
Evelyn C. King - "Open Book"
Download the latest album from Grammy-winning R&B/Dance diva Evelyn "Champagne" King, featuring the hit singles "The Dance (Soul Seekerz remix)" and "Open Book"!
The Best of Rudy Ray Moore & Friends
Comedian and ?blaxploitation? film actor Rudy Ray Moore?s (a.k.a. ?Dolemite?) is one of the most influential and controversial comedians of our time!
Outerstar - "Outerstar"
Download Outerstar's acclaimed debut album, featuring the hit single "You Love It When It Rains." Album and individual track downloads available!
"The Dance" (Soul Seekerz Album Mix)
Download Evelyn "Champagne" King's new dance club hit, "The Dance" remixed by Soul Seekerz (Rhianna, Basement Jaxx, Gym Class Heroes)!
Matt Shulman -- "So It Goes"
Buy the critically acclaimed album from Matt Shulman -- "So It Goes" -- in digital download format (individual tracks too)!
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